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Brackenbury Shield 2017

School Values and School Code

House Points

All of the children and staff at Brackenbury Primary School are assigned a House.  The Houses are named after local parks and each house is associated with a colour. The houses are:

Victoria (blue)   East Hill (green)   Vale (red)   Wish (yellow)

Our House System aims to bring together our school community and promote our values of ‘We are proud. We are determined. We are brave. We are Braceknbury Best’  It is designed to reinforce and reward desirable behaviours for learning and to engender a team spirit and feeling of community.  The House System connects all year groups within the school, providing them with the opportunity to further develop skills and experiences in order to become confident individuals.  The House System gives the children the opportunity to:

  • work to help each other build confidence through collaboration
  • persevere through a task
  • take risks as a group to achieve a common goal
  • learn to be enquiring and creative in a safe environment 

The school aims to achieve this through the House System by providing House members with enjoyable and competitive House events; thereby allowing the children to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.

Each week the children collect house points for their house.  Children earn house points in a variety of ways e.g. fantastic work, amazing effort, positive behaviour choices, following the school rules and demonstrating the school values.  Each week the house points for the week are totalled.  In each class a Top Scorer is identified for each House.  All the children in the school then attend a House Meeting, which is a chance for each House to gather together and celebrate their successes from that week.

On Friday morning we hold our ‘Stars Assembly,’  where the whole school celebrates a Star of the Week from each class, the Top Scorers from each class and finds out the winning House for that week.  On the following Monday the children from the winning house are given a non-school uniform day as a reward for all of their hard work.  We let families know the winning House each Friday via text. 


What do the children think of House Points? 



Nicholas, Year 5:

"I like House Points. If you win, you get to wear your own clothes. House Points help you to learn and work hard. You might get 100 House Points for brilliant learning."



Erin, Year 5:

"I like House Points. They make you work even harder!"



Ashley, Year 6:

"House Points are really good. You have to try and get as many as you can!"



Miles, Year 6:

"I love getting House Points because then your team could win!"




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