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We are Musicians and Singers

At Brackenbury, children will be exposed to a rich and diverse diet of music, ranging across genres, from the past to the present. Children will have hands-on experience playing and exploring instruments from the very start of their education progressing through the school. The children will have opportunities to learn both tuned and untuned instruments and follow musical notation, starting with pictorial notation and progressing to staff notation. Each year children will be able to explore and learn a new instrument:

  •  In Reception, the children will explore a range of percussion instruments and learn to keep a steady beat to a range of music.
  • In Year 1, the children start to explore pitch and learn to play tuned bells following pictorial notation.  
  • In Year 2, our pupils learn recorders and are introduced to staff notation. This progression continues up the school, where in subsequent years, they are taught to play African drums, glockenspiels, ukuleles and boomwhackers. Key Stage Two pupils also have opportunities to compose and perform their own musical pieces. Pupils also have the option to have music lessons from the local authority and also become rock stars as part of our Rocksteady program and join our Brackenbury choir. Children also have opportunities to listen to live performances from musicians. Throughout each year, children will perform concerts to their fellow pupils and also their parents and local community.

For more information on the Learning Progression in Music, click here, and for more information on the Interrelated Dimensions of Music, click here. 

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