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What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium strategy for 2020-2021


The current strategies are found on the links below.

Tiered plan for 2021-2024 

Tiered plan for 2021-2022

Strategy for 2021-2022 - including impact statement for 2020-2021


The strategy for 2020-2021 is in this document.  It also reviews 2019-2020.  PLease note, there is no external data for 2020 due to lockdown.  We have identified barriers to learning that also take account of what we are doing in light of home learning and children missing school due to lockdown.  

In 2018-2019, we thoroughly reviewed all our PP interventions and teaching and learning approaches.  This enabled us to streamline what we provide this year.  We use the EEF to research what works and what supports children’s learning and development.   We endeavour where we can to look at alternative funding streams as we believe that for inclusivity of all our families is key in closing attainment and social gaps.  

In 2019-2020, Covid-19 changed many of our plans and we had to adapt as needed.  We ensured that all children, including those in receipt of pupil premium, received support academically, emotionally and financially – either through support from school or families were signposted to places that could help them.  We gave out printed packs and resources on a weekly basis to families as they were needed.  We checked in our most vulnerable children on a regular basis.  We also ensured that children who needed to, came to school for stability and support.  Staffing that may have been used for an intervention listed, was used to support these families in different ways – through wellbeing check-ins, encouragement and support with work and reading over the phone. 

Pupil Premium Review

Following on from our OFSTED in May 2018, we had a full pupil premium review from a National Leader of Education.  All actions have been followed up on and these have included.  

  • Reviewing our phonics groupings
  • Improving nurture group provision
  • Developing a tracking system for individual pupil premium children 

We have also had a local authority review of practice for a pupil premium lead.  A learning walk took place and the following was observed...There was a calm atmosphere around the school that was conducive to learning.  Children were focused and engaged with learning in every class visited, appropriated differentiation through scaffolding and adult support was evident.   Children were interviewed and it was noted that..  All children, (PP and non PP) enjoyed school and spoke enthusiastically about their learning, the support they were given and how feedback was given.  They were able to show evidence of this in their books.  They were all clear about who could help them at school.  They knew the school rules and behaviours for learning.  They spoke of how the ‘washing lines’ in class supported their learning.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2020 and review of 2018-2019

For a review of 2017-2018, please read here and for information about data, please look at this document.  

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