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For the last three years, we have been working really hard to improve the behaviour at Brackenbury.  We have done this by having a clear behaviour policy and expectations for the children.   At school we have The Brackenbury Way - this is modelled by all of our staff and our children.  This helps us to be calm and kind across the school and shows us how to greet people, move around and try our best in assemblies and in our work.  It helps us to be our Brackenbury Best

Recent comments from visitors have said the following - 

The children looked like they were having the best play times which was wonderful to see.  Also can I add how impressed I was with how lovely and polite the children at your school are! Lots of "hello's", "nice to meet you", and general lovely manners. (Visiting teacher)

  • Pupils’ behaviour and courtesy were exemplary during this visit.  The recently introduced ‘Brackenbury Way’ outlines the school’s expectations of behaviour at all times of the day.  This piece of work has had a significant impact on how pupils respect one another, staff and visitors to the school. 
  • Pupils are clearly very proud of their school and their work.  All pupils were respectful of staff and one another at all times during my visit.  Behaviours for learning were also very positive.  Children were on task and focussed on their learning.  (Visitor to the school) 

Here at Brackenbury, we have a clear school code.  This is the code by which we work in school.


Behaviour Principles Brackenbury updated 25.3.21

For our Brackenbury Behaviour Management Policy please click here.


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