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For the sports premium review of 2021-2022, please see the link below.  We entered many compeitions and took part in lots of different sporting galas and events.  Our school sports day - July 2022 -  was won by Victoria House!  Congratulations to all those in Victoria! 



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What did we do in 2021-2022?

For the year 2021-2022, we decided to take part in every event we could!  

We also entered a number of competitions and events.  This inlcuded boys and girls football, netball, tri-golf, cross country, athletics and swimming to name but a few.  The children consistently represented the school well, showing the Brackenbury Way and our school values of being proud, determined and brave.

We worked with Sporty People and Cool Sports as part of our PE curriculum.  This enabled us to try out fencing, dodge ball and a range of other sports.  This meant our children had access to a wide range of games and sporting activities throughout the year.  

Brighton and Hove Albion in the Community also came to work with Reception, Year 5 and Year 6 last year to support PE skills and also the personal development of our pupils.  

We are looking forward to another year of sports fun this year!


We planned to go for the gold school games award in 2021-2022 and we did it! A huge thanks to Miss Smith for leading PE so brilliantly across the school.

best school award

Plans for 2022-2023

In the coming academic year, our plans are as follows - 

  • to offer coaching for different sports from qualified coaches
  • to continue to run a number of clubs for all ages of children
  • have PE as a focus subject on the school strategic plan
  • ensure that personal challenge remains an important part of PE in school
  • have more inter-house competitions 
  • increase our resources for outdoors
  • continue to take all the sporting opportunities offered!
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